Warm Thanks to the Fall 2016 Intern, Rebecca Woodruff

Posted in site information by Editor on January 18, 2017

img_6579As Enfilade’s readership continues to grow, I receive more and more items to post. I wouldn’t want it any other way (and please keep the news coming), but it does mean that interns have become an increasingly helpful part of managing the site. I’ve therefore been most grateful for all Rebecca Woodruff has done to keep the ship afloat over the past six months! Rebecca is one of my students, and I had the good fortune of getting to know her better during a May interim course based in Stockholm, looking particularly at country houses and palaces (it was with Rebecca and a handful of other students I first visited Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities, one of the really extraordinary museum spaces of the eighteenth century). As an aside, I’m also pleased to report that Rebecca will be presenting a paper for the undergraduate panel at the meeting of this year’s Midwest Art History Society (in April, at Cleveland and Oberlin)! She’s done a fabulous job as an intern.

Many thanks, Becca!

–Craig Hanson

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