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From The UNC Press:

Daniel Maudlin and Bernard Herman, eds., Building the British Atlantic World: Spaces, Places, and Material Culture, 1600–1850 (Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 2016), 352 pages, ISBN: 978  14696  26826, $40.

Spanning the North Atlantic rim from Canada to Scotland, and from the Caribbean to the coast of West Africa, the British Atlantic world is deeply interconnected across its regions. In this groundbreaking study, thirteen leading scholars explore the idea of transatlanticism—or a shared ‘Atlantic world’ experience—through the lens of architecture, built spaces, and landscapes in the British Atlantic from the seventeenth century through the mid-nineteenth century. Examining town planning, churches, forts, merchants’ stores, state houses, and farm houses, this collection shows how the powerful visual language of architecture and design allowed the people of this era to maintain common cultural experiences across different landscapes while still forming their individuality.

By studying the interplay between physical construction and social themes that include identity, gender, taste, domesticity, politics, and race, the authors interpret material culture in a way that particularly emphasizes the people who built, occupied, and used the spaces and reflects the complex cultural exchanges between Britain and the New World.

Daniel Maudlin is Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Plymouth. Bernard L. Herman is George B. Tindall Distinguished Professor of Southern Studies and Folklore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Daniel Maudlin and Bernard Herman, Introduction

Part I: Empire and Government
1  Emily Mann, To Build and Fortify: Defensive Architecture in the Early Atlantic Colonies
2  Carl Lounsbury, Seats of Government: The Public Buildings of British America
3  Anna O. Marley, Landscapes of the New Republic at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

Part II: Religion and the Churches
4  Peter Guillery, English Artisans’ Churches and North America: Traditions of Vernacular Classicism in the Eighteenth Century
5  Peter Benes, The New England Meetinghouse: An Atlantic Perspective
6  Alison Stanley, The Praying Indian Towns: Encounter and Conversion through Imposed Urban Space

Part III: Commerce, Traffic, and Trade
7  Christopher DeCorse, Tools of Empire: Trade, Slaves, and the British Forts of West Africa
8  Louis P. Nelson, The Falmouth House and Store: The Social Landscapes of Caribbean Commerce in the Eighteenth Century
9  Kenneth Morgan, Building British Atlantic Port Cities: Bristol and Liverpool in the Eighteenth Century

Part IV: Houses and the Home
10 Stephen Hague, Building Status in the British Atlantic World: The Gentleman’s House in the English West Country and Pennsylvania
11 Bernard Herman, Parlor and Kitchen in the Borderlands of the Urban British American Atlantic World, 1670–1720
12 Lee Morrissey, Palladianism and the Villa Ideal in South Carolina: The Transatlantic Perils of Classical Purity
13 Daniel Maudlin, Politics and Place-Making on the Edge of Empire: Loyalists, Highlanders, and the Early Farmhouses of British Canada

Selected Bibliography


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