New Book | The Prince of Antiquarians: Francesco de Ficoroni

Posted in books by Editor on July 30, 2017

Available from ArtBooks.com:

Ronald Ridley, The Prince of Antiquarians: Francesco de Ficoroni (Rome: Quasar, 2017), 300 pages, ISBN: 978 887140 7753, 36€ / $55.

In all the literature on Rome in the eighteenth century, a figure is constantly—but fleetingly—mentioned: (Francesco di) Ficoroni. It is time to restore him to his rightful place, namely as the leading antiquarian in Rome of his age (1662–1747). He is the author of many books on his collections, and more than 500 of his letters survive, showing him as a central figure in the antiquarian life of Europe in the first half of the century, relied on by aristocrats, Church figures, and collectors. He was the leading cicerone (guide) to the early visitors of the Grand Tour. The richness and importance of his life are here revealed for the first time.

Ronald T. Ridley retired from University of Melbourne in 2005. He is the author of numerous books, including Napoleon’s Proconsul in Egypt, The Eagle and the Spade, and The Emperor’s Retrospect. He is a Fellow of the Antiquaries’ Society, the Royal Historical Society, the Pontifical Academy of Roman Archaeology, and the Australian Academy of the Humanities.



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