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From Amsterdam UP:

Henk Van Nierop, The Life of Romeyn de Hooghe, 1645–1708: Prints, Pamphlets, and Politics in the Dutch Golden Age (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2018), 452 pages, ISBN: 9789462981386, 99€ / $115.

Romeyn de Hooghe was the most inventive and prolific etcher of the later Dutch Golden Age. The producer of wide-ranging book illustrations, newsprints, allegories, and satire, he is best known as the chief propaganda artist working for stadtholder and king William III. This study, the first book-length biography of de Hooghe, narrates how his reputation became badly tarnished when he was accused of pornography, fraud, larceny, and atheism. Traditionally regarded as a godless rogue, and more recently as an exponent of the Radical Enlightenment, de Hooghe emerges in this study as a successful entrepreneur, a social climber, and an Orangist spin doctor. A study in seventeenth-century political culture and patronage, focusing on spin and slander, this book explores how artists, politicians, and hacks employed literature and the visual arts in political discourse, and tried to capture their readership with satire, mockery, fun, and laughter.

Henk van Nierop is Professor Emeritus of Early Modern History at the University of Amsterdam. He has widely published on the Dutch Revolt and the Dutch Golden Age. He is the author of The Nobility of Holland: From Knights to Regents, 1500–1650 (1993) and Treason in the Northern Quarter: War, Terror, and the Rule of Law in the Dutch Revolt (2009).


List of Figures
Note on Usage
Genealogical Tables


1  Under the Spire of the Zuiderkerk
The Zuiderkerk
The Gift of God
The Learned Son

2  Ingenious Inventions and Rich Designs
Setting Up
News prints
Paris and Beyond
Book Illustrations
Critical Appreciation
The Art of Etching
Inventions and Designs
Wrestlers and Jews
Commercial Success
Claims to Gentility

3  Patriotic Prints
The Year of Disaster
Orangists and Republicans
The Elevation of the Prince of Orange
The de Witt Brothers Slain
French Tyranny
Illustrating the War
The Gelderland Affair
Publishing his Own Work
The Wheel of Fortune

4  A Wandering Whore and a Talking Dog
The Wandering Whore
The Talking Dog
The Forged Chinese Pictures
The Nicked Timepiece and the Lace Jabot
The (Not So) Secret Life of Maria Lansman
Honour and Shame
The Anatomist and the Abbé
Novels and Drollery

5  A Fresh Start
Romeyn Evicted?
Uncle Pieter’s Testament
Motives for Moving
Before the Consistory
Settling Down
Moving Up
A Drawing Academy and a Stately Mansion
A Prestigious Map
Client of the Stadtholder
A Blueberry Diploma

6  The Prince Abandoned and Regained
The Great Turkish War
The Luxembourg Affair
The Revocation of the Edict of Nantes
The Glorious Revolution
Glorifying the Revolution

7  The Harlequin Prints
Lampooning the Sun King
Arlequin Déodat
The Son of a Miller
Riding the Hippogryph
Frogs and Toads
Royal Infidelity
Three Kings
A Royal Enema
Royal Cuckolds
Driving Home the Message

8  Lampooning the Regents
The Cows, the Herdsman, and the Wolf
The Affair of the Magistrates
A New Tune: Toads and Barrel-Riders
The French Calendar: The Cock and the Donkey
Bigwig and the Privilege-Seeker
A Stagecoach Chat
The French Blue Shin
The Cricket that Spoils the Harvest

9  The Pamphlet War
A Triplet of Rogues
The Quack: Govert Bidloo
The Hack: Ericus Walten
The Orangist Triumvirate at Work
Arch-Cuckold de Hooghe
Vilifying Romeyn
Scaling Mount Parnassus
Arch-Cuckold Shareholder

10  The Memorandum of Rights
Legal Action
Romeyn Interrogated
A False Libel
Embarrassing Letters

11  Honour Defended
The Chief Sheriff Fooled
More Pamphlets
Bribery Exposed
Malice and the Spirit of Quarrelling
Romeyn Spins a Conspiracy
Walten Sacrificed
Tying Up Loose Ends

12  Serving the Stadtholder
The Desolate End of Ericus Walten
Running a Spy Network
Father and Daughter
Vassal of Kennemerland

13  Composing most Pompously
Intendant of the King’s Buildings
Director of the Lingen Quarries
Director of the Triumphal Arches
Tampering with the Books
Oil Paintings
Glasses, Cups, and Medals
The World’s First Satirical Periodical

14  Final Years
A Masterless Man
A Man of Letters
An Invisible Church
Death and Legacy

Appendix: Genealogy of the De Hooghe Family

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