New Book | More Eighteenth-Century Neapolitan Staircases

Posted in books by Editor on February 11, 2019

Many Enfilade readers will already know this, but I’m sorry to report that Michael Shamansky’s Artbooks.com will soon close. Here’s an example of the discounts now available. CH

Dirk De Meyer, with a preface by Marius Grootveld, More Eighteenth-Century Neapolitan Staircases: Showpiece and Utility (Ghent: A&S Books, 2018), 130 pages, ISBN: 978-9076714523, €29, reduced from $50 to $20.

With particular attention to the work of Ferdinando Sanfelice (1675–1748), this book documents the development of the open staircase typology in Naples at the moment that it shifted from the traditional, monumental Baroque palace staircase towards the later palazzo or condominium staircase serving four, five, or more levels of apartments. These staircases are considered ‘the star(s) of the palace composition in Naples’. The book is the outcome of a master seminar in Architectural History at Ghent University. It continues an initial publication from 2017.


• A Typological Make-over: Staircase Design in 18th-century Naples
• Palazzo Lauriano also called Capuano, c. 1730
• Palazzo Palmarice, 1719
• Double Palazzo in Via Salvator Rosa, c. 1730s
• Double Palazzo in Via Salvator Rosa, c. 1730s
• Palazzo Persico, mid 18th century
• Palazzo in Via Atri, mid or late 18th century
• Palazzo in Via Costantinopoli, mid or late 18th century

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