Call for Essays | Enslavement and Material Culture

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on March 4, 2019

From the Amart-l listserv:

Special Issue of Winterthur Portfolio: Enslavement and Material Culture
Edited by Jennifer Van Horn and Catharine Dann Roeber

Proposal due by 15 April 2019; draft manuscripts due summer 2019

Twenty years ago, Winterthur Portfolio published a special issue: Race and Ethnicity in American Material Life, which has become a standard source for scholars and students. In the decades since, race—in particular slavery—has emerged as an ever more vital subject of inquiry. Scholars have recognized slavery as a fundamental force in shaping not only North America’s past, but also its present and future.

We seek essays that examine how materiality was critical in the development, spread, and rejection of enslavement, as well as the vital role artifacts played for enslaved people of African and/or indigenous descent. We ask how material and visual artifacts used or produced in North America, including the Caribbean, have been instrumental in forging slavery and its afterlives. We question how objects participated in the rejection of slavery and the material expression of freedom. We are also interested in articles about object interpretation by museums, archives, and historical sites and in archaeological collections, buildings, or spaces associated with enslavement.

Our goal is to explore how slavery informs American material culture study today. We will consider essays that are case studies of individual artifacts, buildings, or makers, studies of collections of artifacts, or historiographical pieces, but are especially eager to see work that engages with current theoretical perspectives on materiality and slavery. We are also interested in research that responds to a broad notion of ‘America’, the Atlantic World, and the African Diaspora.

250–500 word proposals are due by April 15, 2019. Proposals should be submitted to guest editors Jennifer Van Horn and Catharine Dann Roeber at jvanhorn@udel.edu. Please also direct inquiries to jvanhorn@udel.edu. Draft manuscripts of approximately 10,000 words from selected authors will be due late summer 2019. Guest editors will provide comments for authors, and the resulting revised essays will be submitted by guest editors for peer review as a proposed special issue of Winterthur Portfolio.

Additional information is available here»

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