Call for Panels | NEASECS 2020, New York — Traffic

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on December 24, 2019

From the Northeast American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies:

NEASECS 2020 — Traffic in the Global Eighteenth Century
Fordham University, Lincoln Center Campus, New York, 25–27 September 2020

Panel and roundtable proposals are due 30 January 2020 (the call for papers will be posted by 15 February 2020, with a March 30 due date).

It would be difficult to imagine New York City without traffic, but traffic should not be understood merely as the polluting congestion of its highly frequented streets and waterways, an issue already present in New Amsterdam. Traffic also underlines the commerce, or the passing through different hands as the Encyclopédie’s “Trafiqué” underlines, both legal and illicit, of goods, bodies, books, artworks, monies, services, and ideas that is as central to New York City today as it was to the global eighteenth century.

For this 43 edition of NEASECS, we invite panels, papers, and other interventions on the topic of traffic in the global eighteenth century: be it book smuggling, human trafficking, drugs & arms smuggling, import/export, transnational and/or colonial exchanges, or money traders and currency converters; the traffic of ideas as well as objects of knowledge and aesthetic beauty (art objects, fashion…); the infrastructure (or lack there of) that facilitated the movements of such a global and local traffic; and/or the effects and affects of traffic/trafficking including the sonic. All disciplines from the history of science, history of the book, history of religion, architecture, art history, music history, and history, to literary studies, anthropology, and sociology are encouraged to participate. Round tables are also highly encouraged.

Of course, in the long tradition of NEASECS, panels on topics different from the theme of the conference are also welcome.

Panels will be 1 hour and 30 minutes. Panels should not have more than 4 presenters and should allow for at least 20 minutes of discussion.

For the very first time, and perhaps inspired by the controlled chaos of traffic itself and the vibrant, diverse democracy of New York City, we will also be hosting an open forum or town hall on human trafficking in the global eighteenth century. Anyone who wishes to participate can, and this can be in lieu of a paper. Although if you wish to participate in this session in addition to a panel or roundtable that is also welcome. The two-hour session will have parliamentary style format with lively free interventions to any individual who stands up to speak. Those with disabilities that prevent them from standing will be given a flag to raise. All you must do is register. All those who register for this event will be listed as participants in the session in the program.

Proposals for panels and roundtables are due 30 January 2020.
The call for papers will be posted by 15 February 2020.
Submission to panels and roundtables (individual contributions) will be due 30 March 2020.
Early registration at a discounted price must be completed by 30 May 2020.
Registration at the full price must be completed by 1 August 2020.
Please submit your proposals directly to neasecs@gmail.com. Thank you.
Click here to register and submit your proposals.

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