New Book | Divine Images: The Life and Work of William Blake

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From Reaktion Books:

Jason Whittaker, Divine Images: The Life and Work of William Blake (London: Reaktion Books, 2021), 392 pages, ISBN: 978-1789142877, £25 / $35.

Although relatively obscure during his lifetime, William Blake has become one of the most popular English artists and writers, through poems such as ‘The Tyger’ and ‘Jerusalem’, and images including The Ancient of Days. Less well-known is Blake’s radical religious and political temperament, and that his visionary art was created to express a personal mythology that sought to recreate an entirely new approach to philosophy and art. This book examines both Blake’s visual and poetic work over his long career, from early engravings and poems to his final illustrations to Dante and the Book of Job. Divine Images further explores Blake’s immense popular appeal and influence after his death, offering an inspirational look at a pioneering figure.

Jason Whittaker is Head of the School of English and Journalism at the University of Lincoln. His books include William Blake and the Myths of Britain (1999) and Blake 2.0 (2012).


Introduction: This World is a World of Imagination and Vision
1  Early Life and Work
2  Visions of Innocence
3  A New Heaven is Begun
4  Lambeth and Experience
5  A New System of Mythology
Night Thoughts and the Four Zoas
7  England’s Pleasant Land
8  Creating Systems
9  Final Visions
10  Death and Resurrection: The Legacy of William Blake


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