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Distributed by The University of Chicago Press:

Mary Franklin and Hannah Burton, She Being Dead Yet Speaketh: The Franklin Family Papers, edited by Vera Camden (Toronto: Iter Press, 2020), 349 pages, ISBN: 978-0866986236, $60.

On Black Bartholomew’s Day—August 24, 1662—nearly two thousand ministers denied the authority of the Church of England and were subsequently removed from their posts. Mary Franklin was the wife of Presbyterian minister Robert Franklin, one of the dissenting ministers ejected from their pulpits and their livings on that day. She recorded the experience of her persecution in the unused pages of her husband’s sermon notebook. In 1782—some hundred years after the composition of her grandmother’s narrative— Mary’s granddaughter, Hannah Burton, took up this same notebook to chronicle her experience as an impoverished widow, barely surviving the economic revolutions of eighteenth-century London. Collected for the first time, this volume of the Franklin Family Papers offers rare insight into the personal lives of three generations of dissenting women.

The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe: The Toronto Series, 71

Mary Franklin (d. 1711) was the wife of an English Presbyterian minister.
Hannah Burton (1723–1786) was the granddaughter of Mary and Robert Franklin and the wife of a London goldsmith.
Vera J. Camden is professor of English at Kent State University, training and supervising analyst at the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center, and assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University. She is associate editor of American Imago and American editor of the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics.



Mary Franklin (d. 1711)
The Notebook of Mary Franklin (ca. 1685)
The Experience of Mary Franklin (ca. 1689–90)
The Prison Correspondence of Mary and Robert Franklin (1670)
The Last Will and Testament of Mary Franklin (1709, probated 1711)
Hannah Burton (1723–1786)
The Diary of Hannah Burton (1782)

Appendix 1: The Funeral Sermon for Mary Franklin
• The Dissolution of the Earthly House of this Tabernacle (1713)

Appendix 2: Letters
• The Letters of Ralph Snow (1691)
• The Letter of William Bailey to Joshua Wilson (1817)

Appendix 3: Probated Wills
• The Last Will and Testament of Walter Boddington (1734, probated 1736)
• The Last Will and Testament of William Burton (1777, probated 1781)


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