Call for Papers | Palaces for Rent: Real Estate in 18th-Century Lisbon

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Palacio dos Condes de Aveiro, ca. 1742
(Lisbon: Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal)

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From the Call for Papers (which includes the Spanish version):

3rd International Conference Palaces for Rent: Real Estate in 18th-Century Lisbon
Palacios en alquiler: Patrimonio inmobiliario en la Lisboa del siglo XVIII

Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Madrid, 15 November 2021*

Proposals due by 30 June 2021

This conference is the third in a series dedicated to palaces in eighteenth-century European cities. Following the first conference focused on Rome (UNED, 2019) and the second on Madrid (UNED, 2020), the third and last edition is dedicated to the palatial heritage of the city of Lisbon. We seek to explore the particular case of Lisbon during the eighteenth century, including the cataclysmic earthquake of 1755, which effectively presents us with two cities: Lisbon before and Lisbon after the earthquake. This third conference aims to gather specialists with different areas of expertise in order to delve into the uses and practices of housing in Lisbon during the period, taking into account the social and urban transformations of the city and the changes in the uses of domestic space in palaces, introduced either by long-term residents (the nobility, bourgeoisie, or higher public state officials) or by short-term residents during diplomatic, political, and economic missions (diplomats, travellers, businessmen, agents, etc.).

Potential topics for discussion could include but are not limited to:
• Joanine Palaces versus post 1755 palaces, architectural and artistic aspects
• Internal organization of palaces, spaces and etiquette, from theory to practice
• The palace as the place of courtly sociability and courtly society
• Supply and demand in the housing market, sales, or rentals
• Decoration and interior design of noble residences
• Structure of noble households in Lisbon, servants, duties, etc.
• Ambassadors, legates, cardinals and other representatives and their Madrid residences
• Topographies of noble and diplomatic power

We invite scholars at all stages of their careers to propose 20-minute presentations in any of the main European languages. Candidates are invited to submit their proposals by 30 June 2021 to both scientific directors Pilar Diez del Corral Corredoira (diezdelcorral@geo.uned.es) and Milton Pedro Dias Pacheco (miltonpacheco@fcsh.unl.pt), and they should include title, an abstract (up to 500 words), and a brief CV (max. 1 page). Unfortunately, it will not be possible to cover travel and accommodation costs for participants. Applicants will be notified of the final selection by 15 July 2021.

Scientific direction
• Pilar Diez del Corral Corredoira | UNED | Madrid
• Milton Pacheco, CHAM | Lisboa

Scientific committee
• Alexandra Gago da Câmara | Universidade Aberta | Lisboa
• António Filipe Pimentel | Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian | Lisboa
• Nuno Senos | Universidade Nova de Lisboa | Lisboa
• Pilar Diez del Corral Corredoira | UNED | Madrid
• Milton Pedro Dias Pacheco | CHAM | Lisboa

* The date could be subject to change in the following months due to COVID-19 crisis and the subsequent health regulations. In the event of travel restrictions, conference organizers would provide adequate solutions to allow speakers to present remotely.

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