New Book | Old Buildings, New Architecture

Posted in books by Editor on July 25, 2021

From RIBA:

Richard Griffiths, Old Buildings, New Architecture (London: Richard Griffiths Architects, 2019), 176 pages, ISBN: 978-1527231627, £30.

In this book, Richard Griffiths describes the creation of new architecture for old buildings, through the story of his practice, Richard Griffiths Architects, and of the projects that he has completed over 25 years. He writes of his belief that adding a new layer of architecture and use to old buildings is as interesting and rewarding as designing new buildings, since old buildings have a richness of memory, significance, and texture that new buildings can only acquire over time.

The book is richly illustrated with colour photographs and covers the following:
• The making of an architect
• The layering of history: Sutton House
• Old and new in context: Southwark Cathedral
• Old and new in contrast: Lambeth Palace and Burghley
• Historic houses for the public
• The care of churches
• The care of cathedrals: St Albans Abbey
• New design in an historic context
• The typology of barns
• The art of repair and the texture of age
• The art of construction and detailing
• Architecture and decoration
• New uses for old buildings
• The case for restoration
• Historic gardens and landscape
• The regeneration of historic areas
• Conservation cause celebre: St Pancras Hotel and Station

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