Online Workshops | Egypt in Early-Modern Antiquarian Imagery

Posted in lectures (to attend), online learning by Editor on April 26, 2022

From the Antiquitatum Thesaurus research project:

Ägypten in der frühneuzeitlichen antiquarischen Bildwelt
Egypt in Early-Modern Antiquarian Imagery
Online Workshops, 5 May, 2 June, and 7 July 2022

Antiquitatum Thesaurus: Antiquities in European Visual Sources from the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

On the occasion of this year’s anniversaries of important milestones in the recent reception of Egypt, the academy project Antiquitatum Thesaurus devotes three digital workshops in the summer semester of 2022 to the perception of the land on the Nile in the early modern period. The focus will be on various personal motivations of some of the protagonists, the antiquarian or scientific methods they used, and a broad spectrum of media in which the engagement with Egyptian or Egyptianizing artifacts and images was reflected from the 15th to the 18th century. In addition, current research projects present their perspectives on the reception of Egypt.

Thursday, 5 May 2022, 4pm

• Michail Chatzidakis (Berlin), „Ad summam sui verticem pyramidalem in figuram vidimus ascendentes […] anti quissimum Phoenicibus caracteribus epigramma conspeximus“. Bemerkungen zu den ägyptischen Reisen Ciriacos d’Ancona
• Catharine Wallace (West Chester), Pirro Ligorio and the Late Renaissance Memory of Egypt in Rome
• Stefan Baumann (Trier), Project Presentation: Early Egyptian Travel Accounts from Late Antiquity to Napoleon

Please register at: https://bit.ly/3LQWgMB

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Thursday, 2 June 2022, 4pm

• Maren Elisabeth Schwab (Kiel), Herodots Ägypten im Interessenshorizont italienischer Antiquare
• Alfred Grimm (München), Osiris cum capite Accipitris. Zu einem Objekt aus der Bellori-Sammlung und dem Barberinischen „Osiris“
• Florian Ebeling (München), Project Presentation: Handwörterbuch zur Geschichte der Ägyptenrezeption

Please register at: https://bit.ly/3O4dS9O

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Thursday, 7 July 2022, 4pm

• Guillaume Sellier (Montréal), Oldest Egyptian Artefacts in Canada: The Quebec Palace Intendant’s Amulets
• Valentin Boyer (Paris), „Sphinxomanie“ durch die Ikonographie ägyptisierender Exlibris
• Nils Hempel, Timo Strauch (BBAW), Project Presentation: Antiquitatum Thesaurus. Antiken in den europäischen Bildquel­len des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts

Please register at: https://bit.ly/3rd7T8z

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