American Art, Fall 2022

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The latest issue of American Art includes eight essays aimed at ‘Seeing the Survey Anew’. I was particularly intrigued with the piece by K. L. H. Wells on the Index of American Design, a WPA Federal Art Project (1936–1942) that produced thousands of illustrations documenting decorative arts before 1900; the article specifically addresses the “treatment of Shaker and Southwestern design as prime examples of how this government survey of American art helped codify White racial formation” (10). Katherine Fein’s essay is also fascinating, though now I’ve ventured into the dangerous shoals of recommendations. By all means, have a look at all of these thoughtful essays. CH

American Art 36.3 (Fall 2022)

Commentaries: Seeing the Survey Anew
• Kirsten Pai Buick, “Seeing the Survey Anew: Introduction,” pp. 2–4.
• Jessica L. Horton, “Seeing the National Museum of the American Indian Anew as a Diplomatic Assemblage,” pp. 5–9.
• K. L. H. Wells, “Indexing Whiteness to American Design,” pp. 10–14.
• Michael Lobel, “Reframing Illustration,” pp. 15–19.
• Katherine Fein, “Picturing White Skin on Elephant Tusk,” pp. 20–23.
• Zoë Colón, “Material Absence, Relational Presence: Courtney M. Leonard and the Shinnecock Whales,” 24–27.
• Alexis Monroe, “Whiteness and the West before the Transcontinental Railroad,” pp. 28–32.
• Tanya Sheehan, “Where to Begin: Marking Race in Surveys of American Art,” pp. 33–37.

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