Dora Wiebenson Prize

Each year HECAA awards the Wiebenson Prize for an outstanding graduate student paper presented during the previous calendar year at a scholarly conference or as a sponsored lecture. Announced at HECAA’s annual luncheon (each spring at ASECS), the prize includes modest remuneration. The prize is named for Dr. Wiebenson, Professor Emerita at the University of Virginia School of Architecture.

By 15 February 2017, each applicant should submit an electronic copy of the paper for consideration—as read, without notes, but with illustrations—to Amelia Rauser, who will then forward the submissions to an ad hoc committee responsible for selecting the winner. Honorable mention is also an option for papers of distinction not chosen for the prize. Recipients must be HECAA members in good standing.


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P R E V I O U S  R E C I P I E N T S

2016 Oliver Wunsch, “Face Time: Permanence and Pastel Portraiture”

2015 Ashley Bruckbauer, “The Little (Cochinchinese) Prince: Diplomatic Masquerade and the Construction of Fantasy in Maupérin’s Portrait of Prince Canh”

2014 William L. Coleman,”‘Both Instructive and Pleasant’: The Country House Garden in Vitruvius Britannicus

2013 Hyejin Lee, “The Language of Magic in Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin’s Food Still Lifes”

2012 Susan Wager, “Madame de Pompadour’s Indiscreet Jewels: Boucher, Reproduction, and Luxury in Eighteenth-Century France”

2011 Hilary Coe Smith, “A New Approach to Measuring Taste in the Parisian Art Market”

2010 Georgina Cole, “Picturing Privacy: Doors in Jean-Baptiste Chardin’s Genre Paintings”

2009 Jessica Priebe, “François Boucher and the Rituals of Display in Eighteenth-Century Conchology” AND David Pullins, “Mapping Chinoiserie onto the Neoclassical House: Robert Adam’s Designs ‘in the Chinese Taste’”

2008 No prize awarded

2007 Sally Ann Grant, “Play in the Garden in Eighteenth-Century Venice”

2006 Christina Lindeman, “Constructing a Cosmopolitan Identity: Portraits of Anna Amalia, Duchess of Sachsen-Weimar”

2005 No prize awarded

2004 Denise Amy Baxter, “Jean-François de Troy’s tableaux de mode: Defining a Fashionable Genre in Early Eighteenth-Century France”

2003 Andria Derstine, “Statues and Stature: The Accademia di San Luca from 1675 to 1725”

2002 Michael Yonan, “Imperial Identity and Roman Authority: Pompeo Batoni and the Austrian Habsburgs”

2001 No prize awarded

2000 Andrew Graciano, “Botanical Sensibility: Joseph Wright of Derby’s Portrait of Brooke Boothby (1781) Reconsidered”

1999 Lisa Koruga, “Las Vegas Lagoon: Canaletto’s Paintings”

1998 Candace Jean Kern, “Boucher’s Cabinet at the Louvre, 1771”

1997 Mary Salzman, “Jean-François de Troy’s The Reading from Molière and the Eighteenth-Century Salon Interior”