Revolutionary War Museum to Be Built in Philadelphia

Posted in the 18th century in the news by Editor on September 17, 2010

As reported by Joann Loviglio for the Associated Press (10 September 2010) . . .

Independence Hall, Philadelphia (Photo by Dan Smith, Wikimedia Commons)

A spot for a Revolutionary War museum has finally been chosen after 11 years of planning and bureaucratic squabbling — about three years longer than it took the Colonies to win independence. Under an agreement that becomes official Friday, the National Park Service will hand over a site near Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, Liberty Bell and other landmarks to the American Revolution Center. In exchange, the Revolution Center will turn over 78 acres in Valley Forge to the National Park Service. Center officials say their project will be the first national museum dedicated to the Revolution. It will rotate its collection of thousands of 18th-century objects, artifacts and manuscripts and will offer programs, classes and lectures on the War for Independence. . . .

The full article is available here» An editorial from The Philadelphia Inquirer describes it as “revolutionary win-win.”

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