National Research Council Releases Rankings for Ph.D. Programs

Posted in graduate students, resources by Editor on October 9, 2010

As David Glenn reports for The Chronicle of Higher Education (28 September 2010) . . .

Now it can be told. The American doctoral program with the longest median time-to-degree is the music program at Washington University in St. Louis: 16.3 years. That’s just one of a quarter million data points that appear in the National Research Council’s new report on doctoral education in the United States, which was finally unveiled Tuesday afternoon after years of delay. (The Chronicle has published an interactive tool that allows readers to compare doctoral programs across 21 variables.) The NRC’s new ranking system will draw the most immediate attention. It is far more complex than the method the agency used in its 1982 and 1995 doctoral-education reports. . .

The full article is available here. Useful discussion of the Art History rankings appear at The Art History Newsletter: here, here, here, and here.

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