Reviewed: ‘Baroque: Style in the Age of Magnificence’

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Michael Snodin and Nigel Llewellyn, eds., Baroque: Style in the Age of Magnificence 1620–1800, exhibition catalogue (London: V&A Publishing, 2009), 372 pages, ISBN: 9781851775583, $85.

Reviewed by Matthew Knox Averett, Creighton University; posted 29 April 2011.

‘Baroque 09’ was a yearlong series of cultural events in the United Kingdom that celebrated the era’s art, music and culture. The Victoria and Albert Museum participated with the well-received exhibition, ‘Baroque 1620–1800: Style in the Age of Magnificence‘, which ran from April 4 to July 19, 2009. Michael Snodin and Nigel Llewellyn’s volume of the same name serves as the catalogue for the exhibition. The book is more than this, however, as the catalogue itself comprises only twenty-eight pages located toward the back of the book. The preceding three hundred pages attempt to reconstruct the Baroque and present it to a wide audience. Making sense of the Baroque is a difficult challenge, but for the
most part the authors have succeeded. . .

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