New Title | Sheltering Art: Collecting and Social Identity

Posted in books by Editor on July 24, 2012

From Penn State University Press:

Rochelle Ziskin, Sheltering Art: Collecting and Social Identity in Early Eighteenth-Century Paris (University Park: Penn State University Press, 2012), 392 pages, ISBN: 9780271037851.

The turn of the eighteenth century was a period of transition in France, a time when new but contested concepts of modernity emerged in virtually every cultural realm. The rigidity of the state’s consolidation of the arts in the late seventeenth century yielded to a more vibrant and diverse cultural life, and Paris became, once again, the social and artistic capital of the wealthiest nation in Europe. In Sheltering Art, Rochelle Ziskin explores private art collecting, a primary facet of that newly decentralized artistic realm and one increasingly embraced by an expanding social elite as the century wore on. During the key period when Paris reclaimed its role as the nexus of cultural and social life, two rival circles of art collectors—with dissonant goals and disparate conceptions of modernity—competed for preeminence. Sheltering Art focuses on these collectors, their motivations for collecting art, and the natures of their collections. An ambitious study, it employs extensive archival research in its examination of the ideologies associated with different strategies of collecting in eighteenth-century Paris and how art collecting was inextricably linked to the shaping of social identities.


List of Illustrations
1    Cultural Geography of the French Capital Circa 1700
2    Cloistered in the Faubourg Saint-Germain
3    The Maison Crozat Transformed
4    A Circle of “Moderns”
5    The Regent and Collecting on the Right Bank
6    Les Anciens and an Expanding Public Realm in the Arts
7    The Circles Converge: Carignan and Jullienne
Note on the Appendixes
1    Maison Crozat, rue de Richelieu, in 1740
2    Hôtel de Verrue, rue du Cherche-Midi, end of 1736
3    Collections of Lériget de La Faye, Glucq de Saint-Port, and Lassay
4    Collections of Nocé and Fonspertuis
5    Hôtel de Morville, rue Plâtrière, in 1732
6    Selections from the Collection of Carignan
Selected Bibliography

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