Call for Papers | The Paris Fine Art Salon, 1791-1881

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on November 11, 2012

From the University of Exeter:

The Paris Fine Art Salon, 1791-1881
University of Exeter, 4-6 September 2013

Proposals due by 25 January 2013

Keynote speakers: Susan Siegfried (University of Michigan), Pierre Vaisse (University of Geneva), and Richard Wrigley (University of Nottingham)

The Paris Fine Art Salon dominated French artistic life throughout the nineteenth century. Organised by the State, and usually lasting between two and three months, the Salon was an annual or biennial showcase for the contemporary visual arts and a conspicuous manifestation of French artistic hegemony. It provided artists with the most important opportunity available to present their work to the public, attract a clientele, launch and sustain a career, and compete for state honours and prizes, and public and private buyers and commissions. For the public it was a huge social and cultural event, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors from across Europe and beyond.

The conference will coincide with the completion of a three-year, AHRC–funded project, entitled Painting for the Salon? The French State, Artists and Academy, 1830-1852. The participants in the project, Professor James Kearns (Principal Investigator), Dr Alister Mill (Research Fellow) and Harriet Griffiths (doctoral candidate) will each present elements of their research at the beginning of the second day, which will be devoted to the period 1830-1852. The first day will be devoted to the period 1791-1830, the third to 1852-1881.

We invite proposals for papers which explore issues and ideas centred around the Paris Salon as an artistic and cultural event in the period 1791-1881. Areas that may be considered include the Salon’s importance for the careers of the exhibiting artists, its relationship to other exhibition spaces in Paris and the provinces, its management by the State, the shifting role of the Académie des Beaux-arts and/or the Salon jury, viewing conditions in the Salon, the impact of changes in Salon management on such issues as participation rates and stylistic innovation, and the exhibition’s significance as a social as well as artistic event. Please email James Kearns at J.Kearns@exeter.ac.uk with a title and 150-word abstract of your proposed 20/25-minute paper by 25 January 2013.

Conference papers to be delivered in either English or French.

Pour la version française, cliquez ici.

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