The Art World in Britain 1660 to 1735

Posted in resources by Editor on January 6, 2013

I should have noted this incredibly useful resource much, much earlier. As a compendium of primary materials, The Art World in Britain 1660 to 1735 is an ongoing project, with a completion date estimated at 2020. There’s a large team of people who deserve credit, but Dr. Richard Stephens stands out for his impressive work as editor. General information is provided below, and news of the latest additions are available here (details for having your name added to the update list are available at the website). -CH

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The Art World in Britain 1660 to 1735

Art World

The art world in Britain 1660 to 1735 will create a searchable corpus of the principal primary materials relating to the arts in early modern Britain. It will present new research in the form of a biographical dictionary, a database of art sales, a topographical dictionary and a group of subject-based texts. It will provide tools for further research with a database of financial records and a large checklist of works of art. The art world in Britain 1660 to 1735 is a major initiative of Court, Country, City: British Art 1660-1735. It is a long-term project, based at the University of York, which collaborates with other scholars and institutions and welcomes the involvement of its users. The website will be published as a developing work in progress: substantial additions of data will be uploaded every three months, and functional enhancements will keep pace with the growing body of material. The project aims to reach completion in October 2020.

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