A Collaborative Reading of ‘Slavery and the Culture of Taste’

Posted in books by Editor on January 7, 2013

An invitation from Dave Mazella of The Long Eighteenth:

Simon Gikandi’s book Slavery and the Culture of Taste has just received a James Russell Lowell prize at MLA, and I thought that C18L, Long 18th, and other 18th-century scholars/readers might be interested in doing a collaborative reading of this book in the spring. Right now I’m trying to gauge the level of interest in the book, and seeing when might be a good time to do it.

We would probably do it over about a week or so, with one respondent per chapter posting a 500-800 word response every day or so, depending on the level of traffic. Then hopefully we can get Gikandi to respond to our posters at the end. For those interested in the process, we’ve done this with books by Joe Roach, Michael McKeon and Richard Sher in the past. Here’s the link to our announcement. If you’d like to participate, or better yet, help organize, please contact me at dmazella@uh.edu. It would also be helpful if you could give me an idea of the best week or weeks this spring for me to schedule.


Dave Mazella
The Long Eighteenth

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Recent postings at The Long Eighteenth offer numerous items of potential interest Enfilade readers including: 1) Soren Hammerschmidt‘s new course blog, Eighteenth-Century Media; 2) ‘Jeffersongate’ and the controversy surrounding Henry Wiencek’s treatment of Thomas Jefferson in Master of the Mountain; and 3) thoughts on synthesis. -CH

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