September 2013 Issue of ‘The Art Bulletin’

Posted in journal articles by Editor on September 9, 2013

The eighteenth century from the September issue:

Matthew M. Reeve, “Gothic Architecture, Sexuality, and License at Horace Walpole’s Strawberry Hill,” The Art Bulletin 95 (September 2013): 411–39.

From 1747 Horace Walpole and a close circle of male friends and associates designed, decorated, and furnished Strawberry Hill, the remarkable neo-Gothic villa in Twickenham, a fashionable suburb of London. An examination of the role of Walpole’s sexuality in the design and reception of the house and its furnishings, following the lead of recent studies in literature, historiography, and the history of sexuality, reveals the interrelations between the revival of the Gothic as one of the “modern styles” of eighteenth-century architecture and fundamental changes in human sexuality characterized by the rise of a “third sex.”

In addition, the “Notes from the Field” feature addresses the theme of time, with the following responses drawing on the eighteenth century:

Malcolm Bull, “Time,” The Art Bulletin 95 (September 2013): 360–62.

Ludmilla Jordanova, “Time,” The The Art Bulletin 95 (September 2013): 364–67.

Gerrit Walczak, “Time,” The Art Bulletin 95 (September 2013): 377–79.

David E. Wellbery, “Time, The Art Bulletin 95 (September 2013): 379–80.

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