Lecture | Anne Lafont on Proposals for an Atlantic Portraiture

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From the Institute of Fine Arts at NYU:

Anne Lafont | Proposals for an Atlantic Portraiture: Paris, Philadelphia, Saint-Domingue, ca. 1800
Institute of Fine Arts–NYU, New York, 8 October 2013

BelleyAnne Lafont will consider visual cultures of alterity in the era of Atlantic Revolutions (eighteenth and nineteenth century). First, she will identify an unrecognized body of works and discuss the opportunity of studying it as a whole. Next she will address the pictorial and academic category of portraiture when discussing images of Haitian heroes. Finally, she will consider how three stylistic communities – Paris, Philadelphia, Saint-Domingue – are working together across continents

Anne Lafont is an Associate Professor of Modern Art History at the University of Paris-Est Marne la Vallée and Chief Editor of Perspective, la revue de l’INHA (French National Institute of Art History). A former fellow at the Villa Medici, she devoted her thesis to the painter Anne-Louis Girodet and has since worked on artistic theory and eighteenth- and nineteenth-century visual arts, with a special attention to the revolutionary period, race and aesthetics, and gender issues.

Tuesday, October 8, 12:30pm
Institute of Fine Arts-NYU, Loeb Room, 1 East 78th Street, New York
Reservations are required; please click here.

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In Fall 2013, the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU inaugurates Rendez-vous, a seminar on French art (18th to 20th centuries) held monthly throughout the 2013–2014 academic year. International scholars are invited to present their research in an informal and creative setting for approximately 30 minutes, followed by an open discussion with students and colleagues. Rendez-vous focuses on French art in the broadest sense: ‘French’ is interpreted in an extensive way, including global exchanges, political dimension and colonial history, and ‘Art’ includes painting, architecture and sculpture, but also material and visual culture. Rendez-vous offers an occasion to learn about current innovative research by international and engaging scholars. The seminar aims to open up an exchange of methodologies, thoughts and ideas in a participatory atmosphere.

Rendez-vous is organized by Noémie Etienne, IFA/Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow (2013–2015). These lectures begin at 12:30pm in the Loeb Room at the Institute of Fine Arts. They are open to the public, but RSVPs are required.

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