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From Ashgate:

Göran Rydén, ed., Sweden in the Eighteenth-Century World: Provincial Cosmopolitans (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2013), 386 pages, ISBN: 978-1409465881, £75 / $135.

515Mf8thqzLEighteenth-century Sweden was deeply involved in the process of globalisation: ships leaving Sweden’s central ports exported bar iron that would drive the Industrial Revolution, whilst arriving ships would bring not only exotic goods and commodities to Swedish consumers, but also new ideas and cultural practices with them. At the same time, Sweden was an agricultural country to a large extent governed by self-subsistence, and—for most—wealth was created within this structure. This volume brings together a group of scholars from a range of disciplinary backgrounds who seek to present a more nuanced and elaborated picture of the Swedish cosmopolitan eighteenth century. Together they paint a picture of Sweden that is more like the one eighteenth-century intellectuals imagined, and help to situate Sweden in histories of cosmopolitanism of the wider world.

Göran Rydén is Professor of Economic History at the Institute for Housing and Urban Research at Uppsala University, Sweden.

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1. Provincial cosmopolitanism: An introduction, Göran Rydén
2. Where in the world was Sweden? A brief guide for foreigners, Chris Evans
3. The language of cosmos: The cosmopolitan endeavour of universal languages, David Dunér
4. Swedish agriculture in the cosmopolitan eighteenth century, Mats Morell
5. Travelling and the formation of taste: The European journey of Bengt Ferrner and Jean Lefebure, 1758–1763, Lars Berglund
6. Eskiltuna Fristad: The beginnings of an urban experiment, Göran Rydén
7. Prints and attraction in eighteenth-century Stockholm, Sonya Petersson
8. In defence of freedom: Christianity and the pursuit of human happiness in Anders Chydenius’ world, Carola Nordbäck
9. Sweden’s neutrality and the eighteenth-century inter-state system, Leos Müller
10. Runaway colours: Recognisability and categorization in Sweden and early America, 1750–1820, Karin Sennefelt
11. When Sweden harboured idlers: Gender and luxury in public debates, c. 1760–1830, Karin Hassan Jansson
12. A divided space: Subjects and others in the Swedish West Indies during the late eighteenth century, Holger Weiss
13. A world of fiction: Bengt Lidner and global compassion in eighteenth-century Sweden, Anna Cullhed
14. Sveaborg and the end of the Swedish cosmopolitan eighteenth century: An epilogue, Göran Rydén and Holger Weiss
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