Exhibition | The New Georgians

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Now on at Orleans House Gallery in Twickenham, just outside of London:

The New Georgians
Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham, 3 May — 27 July 2014


Valena Tzvetanska (Valena Lova) Mademoiselle Cuckó

The New Georgians celebrates the tercentenary of the Hanoverian accession. This exhibition, part of the Richmond upon Thames Georgian Festival, commemorates this historical event through a display exploring the life and local links of Queen Caroline of Ansbach (1683–1737), wife of King George II. Caroline lavishly dined in the Octagon Room on a visit here in 1729. Her husband’s mistress, Henrietta Howard, lived at the nearby Marble Hill House.

The focus of the exhibition is contemporary artwork from across the UK submitted via open submission. Artists explore the impact and relevance of 18th-century history, society, ideas, culture, and styles in the 21st century. Alongside reverent homages and playful pastiches are genres and media revolutionised and popularised in the 18th century, including botanical art, landscapes, portraits, prints and ceramics. Costume, accessories, and the representation and roles of women are also popular themes—fitting as the exhibition honours Queen Caroline, who possessed great intellect, culture, personal charm, and political influence. In her husband’s absences, she acted as Regent or Protector of the Realm.

Also on display are works created for the exhibition by the gallery’s artist in residence Michael Coldman. His constructions made from found, recycled and second hand objects are transformed into three dimensional scenes examining Georgian life and Queen Caroline and her Court. These often humorous works are complemented by a choice selection of 18th-century caricatures by British artists Hogarth, Smith, and Gillray from the Richmond Borough Art Collection.

The Richmond upon Thames Georgian Festival brochure is available as a PDF file here»

Conference | Enlightenment Senses?

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From the conference website:

Enlightenment Senses? Eighteenth-Century Sensorium(s), Theory and Experience
Centre for Enlightenment Studies at King’s, King’s College London, 13 June 2014

Registration due by 7 June 2014

Organized by William Tullett, Alice Marples, and Marlee Newman

The conference brings together those concerned with the social and cultural history of the senses in the period from 1650 to 1790 as well as those working on literary or intellectual histories of the senses in an attempt to encourage a more active dialogue between these areas. It aims to link ‘sensory histories’, concerned with embodied sensory experience and representation, with ‘histories of the senses’ in which the intellectual and medical understandings of the senses are foregrounded.

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊


8:30  Registration

9:15  Panel 1: Describing Sensory Experience
Chair: William Tullett (KCL)
• Helen Slaney (St Hilda’s, Oxford), ‘A Sense of History: Haptic Perceptions of Ancient Sites in Eighteenth-century Italy’
• Felicity Roberts (King’s College London & British Museum), ‘The Science of Describing in Early Eighteenth-century England’
• Alice Marples (King’s College London & British Library), ’An Enlightened Approach to Sensory Information: Collecting and Circulating Knowledge’

10:30  Panel 2: Race and the Senses
Chair: Alice Marples (KCL)
• William Tullett (King’s College London), ‘Race and Smell in the Eighteenth-century British Atlantic’
• George Newberry (University of Sheffield), ‘Skin Colour, Insensitivity and the Roots of Enlightenment Racial Anatomy’

11:30  Coffee

12:00  Panel 3: Music and the Senses
Chair: Felicity Roberts (KCL)
• James Kenneway (Newcastle University), ‘Medical Conceptions of Hearing and Enlightenment Music’
• Miranda Stanyon (Christ’s, Cambridge), ‘Enlightening Rauschen: Sublime Hearing from Locke to Klopstock’
• Danielle Grover (University of Surrey), “Music Untouched by Unseen Hands Breathed Around’: Music as a Sensory Experience in Fiction’

13:15  Lunch

14:00  Panel 4: Inner Senses and Emotions
Chair: Marlee Newman (KCL)
• Yuriy Khalturin (Moscow), “Inner senses’ in the Russian Mysticism of the Eighteenth Century’
• Tobias Gabel (Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen), ‘Ears Intent: Hearing, Listening and Insight in Milton’
• Richard Firth Godbehere (Queen Mary UL), ‘Aesthetics, Taste, and the Birth of Disgust’

15:15  Panel 5: Pain, Illness and the Senses
Chair: Sophie Mann (KCL)
• Rachel Brownstein (City University of New York), ‘Pointed Details: Feeling Gillray’s Pain’
• Marlee Newman (King’s College London), ‘’Fortresses of Solitude: The Material Experience of the Plague at Home’
• Lisa Toland (Indiana Wesleyan University), ‘Sensibility and the Diseased Body: The Senses in Moments of Crisis in Eighteenth-century Family Life’

16:30  Coffee

16:45  Roundtable: Enlightenment and the Senses
Chair: William Tullett (KCL)
• Mark Jenner (University of York)
• Clare Brant (King’s College London)
• Thomas Irvine (University of Southampton)
• Elizabeth Eger (King’s College London)

18:15  Wine reception

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