New Book | Global Trade and Visual Arts in Federal New England

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From the University Press of New England:

Patricia Johnston and Caroline Frank, eds., Global Trade and Visual Arts in Federal New England (University of New Hampshire Press, 2014), 296 pages, ISBN: 978-1611685848 (hardback), $85 / ISBN: 978-1611685855 (paperback), $45 / ISBN: 978-1611685862, $45 Ebook.

9781611685855A highly original and much-needed collection that explores the impact of Asian and Indian Ocean trade on the art and aesthetic sensibilities of New England port towns in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. This diverse, interdisciplinary volume adds to our understanding of visual representations of economic and cultural changes in New England as the region emerged as a global trading center, entering the highly prized East Indies trades. Examining a wide variety of commodities and forms including ceramics, textiles, engravings, paintings, architecture, and gardens, the contributors highlight New Englanders’ imperial ambitions in a wider world.

Patricia Johnston is professor of art history and Rev. J. Gerard Mears, S.J., Chair in Fine Arts at the College of the Holy Cross. Caroline Frank teaches American studies at Brown University.

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Introduction: Emerging Imperial Aesthetics in Federal New England—Patricia Johnston and Caroline Frank

Part I: Political Geographies
• The Art of Tea, Revolution, and an American East Indies Trade—Caroline Frank
• West from New England: Geographic Information and the Pacific in the Early Republic—David Jaffee
• The Forgotten Connection: The Connecticut River Valley and the China Trade—Amanda E. Lange

Part II: Commodities
• Salem’s China Trade: ‘Pretty Presents’ and Private Adventures—Jessica Lanier
• ‘Shipped in Good Order’: Rhode Island’s China Trade Silks—Madelyn Shaw
• The Story of A’fong Moy: Selling Chinese Goods in Nineteenth-Century America—Nancy Davis

Part III: Domesticating Asia
• Cultivating Meaning: The Chinese Manner in Early American Gardens—Judy Bullington
• ‘Lavish Expenditure, Defeated Purpose’: Providence’s China Trade Mansions—Thomas Michie
• Fabrics and Fashion of the India Trade at a Salem Sea Captain’s Wedding—Paula Bradstreet Richter

Part IV: Global Imaginaries
• Drawing the Global Landscape: Captain Benjamin Crowninshield’s Voyage Logs—Patricia Johnston
• Capturing the Pacific World: Sailor Collections and New England Museums—Mary Malloy
• Beyond Hemp: The Manila-Salem Trade, 1796–1858—Florina H. Capistrano-Baker

Part V: Global Productions
• Osceola’s Calicoes—Elizabeth Hutchinson
• From Salem to Zanzibar: Cotton and the Cultures of Commerce, 1820–1861—Anna Arabindan-Kesson
• Luxury and the Downfall of Civilization in Thomas Cole’s Course of Empire—Alan Wallach


HBA Travel Award for Graduate Students

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Historians of British Art Travel Award
Proposals due by 15 October 2015

HBA is accepting applications for this year’s Travel Award. The award is designated for a graduate student member of Historians of British Art who will be presenting a paper on British art or visual culture at an academic conference in 2016. The award of $750 is intended to offset travel costs. Applicants must be current members of HBA. To apply, send a letter of request, a copy of the letter of acceptance from the organizer of the conference session, an abstract of the paper to be presented, a budget of estimated expenses (noting what items may be covered by other resources), and a CV to Kimberly Rhodes, Prize Committee Chair, HBA, krhodes@drew.edu. The deadline is October 15, 2015.

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