Online Exhibition | Memento Mütter

Posted in exhibitions by Caitlin Smits on July 30, 2016


Papier-mâché eyeball model, late nineteenth century
(Philadelphia: The Mütter Museum, F1993.701)

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From The Mütter Museum:

Memento Mütter
Online exhibition, The Mütter Museum of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Launched in March 2016

Memento Mütter is an online exhibit that allows you to get uncomfortably close to the Mütter Museum in the comfort of your own home. The exhibit includes more than 60 items from the Museum’s collection, about half of which are not on public display.

The name for the exhibit comes from the Latin memento mori –’remember that you shall die’. From medieval times, artists created memento mori artwork that expressed the sentiment that life is short and that attachment to worldly pleasures is fleeting. Just as mementos mori invited the viewer to reflect on mortality, Memento Mütter stimulates reflection on the diversity of the human bodily experience and our attempts to understand our physical selves.

Memento Mütter invites you to view, magnify, rotate, and interact with tools and specimens like never before. Discover the full stories behind the objects, with access to photography collections and Historical Medical Library materials.

Writing for Hyperallergic (8 July 2016), Allison Meier notes the exhibition to highlight the anatomical work of Frederik Ruysch (1638–1731).



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