New Book | Textile Terms: A Glossary

Posted in books by Editor on April 2, 2017

From Gebr. Mann Verlag (and soon to be available from Amazon) . . .

Anike Reineke, Anne Röhl, Mateusz Kapustka, and Tristan Weddigen, eds., Textile Terms: A Glossary (Berlin: Edition Imorde 2017), 359 pages, ISBN: 978  39428  10364, 360 pages, 40€ / $60.

The glossary is addressed to scholars and students of art and architectural history and related fields as well as to artists and curators. It offers a new point of reference and departure for future research on the textile medium as such. It presents sixty-five critical terms that define the textile medium as a specific form, material, technique, and metaphor from antiquity to the present through contributions by international specialists in the field. Each entry discusses one illustrated object which epitomizes the main concepts related to one of the volume’s keywords:
Absorption, Abstraction, Affect, Canopy, Canvas, Carpet, Case, Clothing, Cotton, Craft, Curtain, Cushion, Cut, Digitality, Display, Drapery, Dye, Embroidery, Felt, Flag, Flatness, Fold, Formlessness, Gender, Globalism, Glove, Grid, Hair, Hem, Knitting, Knot, Labor, Lace, Marginalization, Mobility, Network, Ornament, Patchwork, Pattern, Rags, Recto/Verso, Revival, Sacredness, Sampler, Screen, Sewing, Silk, Skin, Space, Spider, Stockings, Tactility, Tapestry, Tear, Technology, Tent, Texture, Textus, Thread, Upholstery, Veil, Wallpaper, Weaving, Wrapping, Wool.

Anika Reineke, Anne Röhl, Mateusz Kapustka, and Tristan Weddigen are part of the SNF Research Project Textile: An Iconology of the Textile in Art and Architecture, University of Zurich.


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