Exhibition | Honey from Many Flowers

Posted in exhibitions by Editor on July 7, 2017

Now on view at The Fitzwilliam:

Honey from Many Flowers: Carl Wilhelm Kolbe and Salomon Gessner’s Idylls
The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, 4 March — 10 September 2017

Carl Wilhelm Kolbe, after Salomon Gessner, Damon (Demophon) en Phillis (Phyllis), 1811 (Cambridge: The Fitzwilliam Museum).

Salomon Gessner (1730–88) was a Swiss artist and writer whose idyllic poetry and prose made him a household name in his lifetime. After his death, his family invited the German printmaker Carl Wilhelm Kolbe (1759–1835) to produce prints after a set of Gessner’s landscape drawings, which capture the Romantic period’s preoccupation with the pastoral idyll and delight in the natural world. This exhibition showcases a recently acquired complete set of Kolbe’s twenty-five etchings, issued in five parts from 1805 to 1811, together with a selection of works by eminent masters from whom Gessner drew inspiration, including Anthonie Waterloo, Allart van Everdingen, and Claude Lorrain.





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