New Book | The Palace of Sans-Souci in Milot, Haiti, ca. 1806–13

Posted in books by Editor on May 6, 2018

From Deutscher Kunstverlag:

Gauvin Alexander Bailey, Der Palast von Sans-Souci in Milot, Haiti (ca. 1806–1813): Das vergessene Potsdam im Regenwald / The Palace of Sans-Souci in Milot, Haiti (ca. 1806–1813): The Untold Story of the Potsdam of the Rainforest (Berlin: Deutscher Kunstverlag, 2017), 200 pages, ISBN: 978-3422074668, 15€. German and English.

One of the most mysterious buildings in the Western hemisphere, King Henri Christophe’s lavish neoclassical palace in the rain forest, enthrones the small Haitian town of Milot. Begun less than a decade after the Haitian Revolution for independence (1804) by the first black African king in the Americas, this massive monument was built to showcase Haiti’s power and self-confidence. Despite its status as UNESCO World Heritage and a tourist attraction, the unusual building has never before been the subject of a study. On the basis of unpublished archival sources and exact photographic documentation, this book is the first to publish detailed information about the genesis this extraordinary architecture and the story of its builder.

Gauvin Alexander Bailey is professor and Alfred and Isabel Bader Chair in Southern Baroque Art at Queen’s University.

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