New Book | Windsor Castle: A Thousand Years of a Royal Palace

Posted in books by Editor on May 22, 2018

I’m a few days late with this, and I realize some of you may be Windsored out by this point. But for anyone inspired by Saturday’s events, the late eighteenth century was a significant period for the Castle, and the alterations by George IV are, of course, even more important. CH

Published by the Royal Collection Trust and distributed by The University of Chicago Press:

Steven Brindle, with contributions by Eleanor Hoare, Brian Kerr, Charlotte Manley, Jonathan Marsden, Claire Rider, Jane Roberts, Nigel Saul, Tim Tatton-Brown, Simon Thurley, and Michael Turner, Windsor Castle: A Thousand Years of a Royal Palace (London: Royal Collection Trust, 2018), 560 pages, ISBN: 978-1909741249, £95.

As England’s largest castle and premier royal residence, Windsor Castle is of outstanding importance: historically, architecturally, artistically and in the life of the nation. This authoritative history, the first to be published in 100 years, will draw upon new research and primary sources to present a general account of Windsor Castle and its immediate environs from around AD 700 to the present day, setting this iconic building against the background of wider social, political and cultural events in the life of the monarchy and the nation.

The book is richly illustrated with historical drawings, watercolours and photographs from the Royal Collection and elsewhere, and includes newly commissioned photography and 3D reconstructions of the Castle at key points in its development, showing how this historic site has changed and evolved over 13 centuries.

Steven Brindle is an architectural historian with English Heritage. He has been involved in the investigation of the architectural history of Windsor Castle since the beginning of the restoration programme following the disastrous fire of 1992.

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