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Posted in opportunities by Editor on September 3, 2019

A note from Julia Sienkewicz; Assistant Professor of Art History, Roanoke College; Vice President for Committees, Board of Directors, CAA

Two New Committees of the College Art Association
Applications due by 1 October 2019

Even as the new school year begins, please consider putting together an application to join one of CAA’s two new professional committees: the Committee on Research and Scholarship and the Services to Historians of Visual Arts Committee. These committees, which were approved by the Board of Directors in May, were formed largely in response to conversations and concerns within the art historical community. We hope the committees will be able to advance substantial good work for our professions. The call for applications can be found here. Because these committees are new, we have assigned a slightly extended deadline of October 1 for these applications. Committee charges are included below.

Should you have questions about the application process, please email Vanessa Jalet (vjalet@collegeart.org). For other inquiries concerning the two new committees, please reach out to me. Of course, I also encourage you to review the other standing Professional Committees. All are accepting applications (until 18 September). Announcing these new committees is an exciting moment for me in my work with CAA’s professional committees. I look forward to working with some of you to get these important new teams up and running!

Julia Sienkewicz

Committee on Research and Scholarship

The Committee on Research and Scholarship is charged with gathering information, assessing trends, and proposing organizational advocacy for CAA on matters concerning the advancement of research and scholarship in visual arts and design, encompassing all facets of research regarding history, education, and practice. Recognizing that professionals must navigate a rapidly-transforming field of options for conducting research and disseminating the results thereof, the committee is responsible for assisting the organization in engaging with current issues and serving its membership in this important facet of their professional life.

Services to Historians of Visual Arts Committee

The Services to Historians of Visual Arts Committee identifies and addresses concerns facing historians of art, architecture, design, material culture, and visual culture. It creates and implements programs and events at the conference and beyond. It offers a forum for the discussion of issues of mutual interest across the discipline’s many diverse fields and methodologies. In a climate of great threat to the survival of history of art and history of visual arts programs, this committee provides a locus for advocacy issues particular to historians in these areas of interest. The committee lends support and mentorship for both seasoned and emerging professionals. It is also charged with maintaining dialog with other professional organizations and affiliated societies focused on the history of art, architecture, design, material culture, and visual culture.

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