Call for Papers | Emblemata Baltica

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on September 16, 2019

From ArtHist.net (10 September 2019) . . .

Emblemata Baltica — Representing Human Nature in the Baltic: The Visual Culture of Emblems and Allegories in Northern Germany, Southern Sweden, and Denmark, 16th–18th Centuries
Hamburg, 13-14 November 2019

Organized by Iris Wenderholm and Isabella Augart

Proposals due by 20 September 2019

A new research network aims at exploring the role of emblem books and the visual culture of emblems and allegories in the formation of a joined transnational community of cultural ideas and norms in the western Baltic region throughout the 16th–18th century. Given its liminal status of connected (coastal) towns, The Baltic region is a particularly interesting research area concerning questions of transnational cultural norms. Commercial contacts and shared religious beliefs helped to foster vivid zones of exchange and resulted in a jointed visual culture. Exploring the visual culture of emblems and allegories from the perspective of political iconography, the network wants to highlight that moral and political norms were transregionally transmitted and transformed in various political contexts throughout the Early Modern age. Tracing the transformation of moral, ethical, theological and scientific knowledge in various connects and functions, the new transnational and interdisciplinary network will explore the formation of political and social norms through (multilingual) emblem books, Mirrors for Princes, and the visual culture of emblems and allegories. We invite proposals for papers (10/20 minutes) and a short CV to be sent to the organizers by September 20, 2019: iris.wenderholm@uni-hamburg.de.

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