New Book | Scenes and Traces of the English Civil War

Posted in books by Editor on November 24, 2020

From Reaktion Books:

Stephen Bann, Scenes and Traces of the English Civil War (London: Reaktion Books, 2020), 288 pages, ISBN: 978-1789142280, £40 / $60.

The English Civil War has become a frequent point of reference in contemporary political debate. A bitter and bloody series of conflicts, it shook the very foundations of seventeenth-century Britain. This is the first attempt to portray the visual legacy of this period, as passed down, revisited, and periodically reworked over two and a half centuries of subsequent English history. Stephen Bann deftly interprets the mass of visual evidence accessible today, from ornate tombs and statues to surviving sites of vandalism and iconoclasm, public signage, and historical paintings of subjects, events, and places. Through these important scenes and sometimes barely perceptible traces, Bann shows how the British view of the War has been influenced and transformed by visual imagery.

Stephen Bann is Professor in the Department of History of Art at the University of Bristol. He is author of many books including Romanticism and the Rise of History (1995); Paul Delaroche: History Painted (Reaktion, 1997); and Jannis Kounellis (Reaktion, 2003).


1  Speaking Stones: Inscriptions of Identity from Civil War Monuments
2  A Kentish Family in Wartime: The Bargraves of Bifrons
3  Kings on Horseback: Charles I’s Statue at Charing Cross and Its Afterlife
4  Whig Views of the Past: Horace Walpole and Co.
5  Illustrating History: Visual Narratives from the Restoration to Hume’s History of England
6  Boots and All: Cromwell Evoked by James Ward and Paul Delaroche
7  French Genre for English Patrons: Paul Delaroche’s Charles I Insulted by the Soldiers of Cromwell
8  A Sense of an Ending: Problems of English History Painting in the Nineteenth Century

List of Illustrations

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