New Book | House and Home in Georgian Ireland

Posted in books by Editor on November 5, 2022

From Four Courts Press:

Conor Lucey, ed., House and Home in Georgian Ireland: Spaces and Cultures of Domestic Life (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2022), 216 pages, ISBN: 978-1801510264, €50.

Book cover with eighteenth-century print of a domestic scene.This book explores the everyday character and functions of domestic spaces in Georgian Ireland. Reflecting real as opposed to ideal patterns of living, the topics and themes addressed here range widely from maternity and hospitality to social identity and consumption. Broadening the species of spaces typically considered for this period—embracing country piles and urban mansions, but also merchant houses, lodgings, and rural cabins—this collection of essays expands and deepens our understanding of the meanings of house and home in Ireland in the long eighteenth century.

Conor Lucey is associate professor in architectural history in the School of Art History & Cultural Policy, University College Dublin


• Conor Lucey, Introduction: Species of Domestic Spaces
• Emma O’Toole, Brought to Bed: The Spaces and Material Culture of the Lying-in
• Patricia McCarthy, A Male Domain? The Dining Room Reconsidered
• Melanie Hayes, Fashioning, Fitting-out, and Functionality in the Aristocratic Town House: Private Convenience and Public Concerns
• Aisling Durkan, The Merchant House in Eighteenth-Century Drogheda
• Toby Barnard, ‘Baubles for Boudoirs’ or ‘an Article of Such Universal Consumption’: Ceramics in the Irish Home, 1730–1840
• Claudia Kinmonth, Communality and Privacy in One- or Two-Roomed Homes before 1830
• Judith Hill, Entertaining Royalty after the Union: Space, Decoration, and Performance in Charleville Castle, 1809
• Priscilla Sonnier, ‘A Taste for Building’: Domestic Space in Elite Female Correspondence
• Conor Lucey, Single Lives, Single Houses

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