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Plate with the Head of King James II, painted in blue, yellow, and manganese-purple on a white glaze
(Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Na625)

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From Bristol Museums:

Digging for Delftware
Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, 27—28 February 2023

Organized by Amber Turner

Comprising over 2000 pieces of delftware, Bristol Museum has one of the largest and most important collections of in the UK. For over 100 years, Bristol was a leading manufacturer of delftware, producing objects that were exported across the globe. Bristol Museum has been working for two years on a project funded by Arts Council England to research and re-display its collection of English delftware.

In celebration of the project, this two-day symposium will bring together specialists from around the world. They will share insights into delftware from Bristol and beyond and explore the latest international research in the field of delftware studies. There will also be an opportunity to visit the new displays and to see a selection of objects from our reserve collection.

We will be joined by an array of experts including Karin Walton, Matthew Winterbottom, Ian Betts, Caroline McCaffrey-Howarth, Peter Francis, Femke Diercks, Roger Massey, David Dawson, Oliver Kent, and Amanda Lange.

M O N D A Y ,  2 7  F E B R U A R Y  2 0 2 3

10.00  Registration, with Tea and Coffee

10.25  Welcome — Kate Newnham (Senior Curator of Visual Arts, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery)

10.30  A Century of Collecting — Karin Walton (Former Curator of Applied Art, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery)

11.05  Archaeology and Delftware: Production in Bristol — David Dawson (Former Curator of Archaeology at Bristol Museums)

11.40  Break

12.00  The Decorative Delftware Wall Tiles of Bristol — Ian Betts

12.35  Louis Lipski and the Limekiln Lane Pottery — Roger Massey (Ceramics Historian)

13.10  Lunch Break

14.15  Digging for Delftware: Bristol Museum’s Collection of Tin-glazed Earthenware — Amber Turner (Curator of Applied Art, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery)

14.50  Free-flow tour of the ceramics gallery

15.35  Tea Break

16.00  ICP Analysis of Delftware Sherds from Bristol: New Insights into Production — Kamal Badreshany (Assistant Professor, Department of Archaeology, Durham University)

16.35  Study of delftware sherds from Bristol Museum’s reserve collection

T U E S D A Y ,  2 8  F E B R U A R Y  2 0 2 3

10.00  Registration, with Tea and Coffee

10.25  Welcome — Amber Turner (Curator of Applied Art, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery)

10.30  Wincanton Delftware Pottery: Some New Discoveries — Roger Massey (Ceramics Historian)

11.10  Irish Delftware: Some Recent Discoveries — Peter Francis (Former Research Fellow, Institute of Irish Studies, Queen’s University Belfast)

11.50  Break

12.10  Dutch Delftware at the Rijksmuseum: New Research — Femke Diercks (Head of Decorative Arts, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)

12.50  Delftware as Historical Agents, c. 1640–1700 — Caroline McCaffrey-Howarth (Lecturer in History of Art, University of Edinburgh)

13.30  Lunch

14.30  Margaret Macfarlane’s Delftware Teawares: The Ashmolean Bequest — Matthew Winterbottom (Curator of Sculpture and Decorative Arts, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford)

15.10  Transatlantic Trade and Global Connections: English Delftware for American and Caribbean Markets — Amanda Lange (Curatorial Department Director and Curator of Historic Interiors, Historic Deerfield, Massachusetts)

15.50  Tea Break

16.10  ‘Just Arrived from Bristol’: Tin-glazed Earthenware above and below Ground in Virginia (delivered via pre-recorded talk) — Angelika Kuettner (Associate Curator of Ceramics, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia)

16.50  Closing Remarks — Amber Turner

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