Cultural Intermediaries: Seminar Participants

Posted in graduate students, opportunities by Editor on March 17, 2010

The ISECS site includes a PDF file with the following list of participants for this year’s Seminar for Junior Scholars, to be held at Queen’s University in Belfast, 16-20 August. The theme is Cultural Intermediaries.

  • Danna Agmon (University of Michigan), “Professional intermediaries in eighteenth-century French India”
  • Vanessa Alayric (Université de Lille), “Cultural transfers of exotica: material exchanges between China and Europe through trade, mission and art”
  • Angela Byrne (Royal Irish Academy), “Irish-born British diplomats in Russia, 1733-1767”
  • Florence Catherine (Université de Nancy),  “Albert von Haller (1708-1777), intermédiaires culturels dans les espaces français et germaniques au XVIIIe siècle”
  • Mariana D’Ezio (University of Rome), “Cultural intermediaries across Europe: cultural and literary intersections between British and Italian Women writers and salonnières in the age of the Grand Tour (1700-1799)”
  • Sébastien Drouin (École pratique des Hautes Études,  Sorbonne Paris-IV), “Journalistes, érudits et informateurs au Refuge : les réseaux intellectuels de l’Histoire critique de la République des Lettres (1712-1718)”
  • Olivera Jokic (City University of New York), “The Death of a Beautiful Moor Woman: Obstinate Clerks and the Form of Evidence in the British Colonial Archive”
  • Eszter Kovács (Université de Szeged, Hongrie), “Une catégorie à part du “voyageur par état” : la réflexion de Diderot sur les missionnaires”
  • Diego Lucci (American University in Bulgaria), “American Political and Social Life in Luigi Castiglioni’s Travels in the United States of North America”
  • Katrina O’Loughlin (University of Western Australia), “‘A smaller compass’: body and text as cultural intermediaries in eighteenth-century women’s travel”
  • Maria Petrova (State University for Humanities, Moscow), ‘The diplomats of Catherine II as cultural intermediaries: the case of the Princes Golitsyn”
  • Natalie Rothman (University of Toronto), “Dragomans in the Republic of letters: cultural mediation and the making of the Levant”
  • Frederik Thomasson (European Institute, Florence), “Cultural intermediaries: another way of addressing or circumventing the centre-periphery dichotomy?”
  • Ellen R. Welch (University of North Carolina), “Intermediaries and the Media: Ambassadors and Emissaries in the French Periodical Press, 1672-1763”
  • Laurence Williams (Magdalen College Oxford), “Mediating the Oriental City through the Arabian Nights: British Tours of Constantinople, 1719-1797”

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