Conference on Classics in the Eighteenth Century

Posted in conferences (to attend) by Editor on March 26, 2010

Classics and the Classical in the Eighteenth Century
King’s College
, The Strand, London, 
15-16 July 2010

Conference Presentations:

  • Michael Silk (King’s College London) “Classical, Neo-classical, and Romantic:
 The Point of No Return”
  • Paul Davis (University College London), “Volcanic Classicism”
  • Jonathan Sacks (Concordia, Canada), “The Time of Decline

  • Joshua Billings (Oxford), “Sophocles and the German Spirit”
  • Katherine Harloe (Reading), “Winckelmann’s Early Reception and the Invention
 of Altertumswissenschaft
  • Matthew Bell (KCL), “Goethe and the Classics”
  • Sebastian Matzner (KCL), “The Collapse of a Classical Tradition? An 
Archaeological Investigation into ‘The End of Rhetoric’ around 1800: 
Gottsched, Kant, Schlegel”
  • Crystal  Bennes (KCL), “Lucan and Problems of Genre in 18th-Century France”
  • Michael Hardy (KCL) and Katherine East (Royal Holloway), “Ciceronian Rhetoric
 in Georgian England”
  • Matthew Hiscock (UCL), “Classics for the Radical Fringe: Republicans and 
Dissenters at the end of the 18th Century”
  • Suzanne Aspden (Oxford), “Making Musical Classics in 18th-Century London”
  • Ismene Lada-Richards (KCL), “Thinking with Ancient Pantomime in 18th-Century 
England and France”

To register, please contact William Fitzgerald 

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