Looking Ahead: HECAA Session at CAA 2013

Posted in Member News by Editor on May 25, 2011

HECAA Session at CAA 2013: ‘Art in the Age of Philosophy?’ — Chaired by Hector Reyes
College Art Association, Chicago, February 2013

The relationship between philosophy and art has been a rich field of research for scholars of eighteenth-century painting. Such inquiry has identified philosophical motivations for the pursuit of pleasure, especially aesthetic pleasure, and led to a new understanding of the intellectual foundations and commitments of supposedly frivolous painters, such as Fragonard, Greuze, Boucher and Chardin. This panel seeks to broaden the inquiry in eighteenth-century philosophy and art by considering a wide range of philosophical and artistic practices. Are there neglected philosophies that might relate to artistic theory or production? How might philosophical approaches help us to rethink the status of other media or artistic production more generally in the eighteenth century? Does an emphasis on philosophical questions occlude or lead us away from important formal questions? Papers that question or interrogate the philosophical approach to art historical research are as welcome as those that present new research or that propose new approaches and methodologies.

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