BSECS 2013 Digital Prize | The History of Parliament

Posted in resources by Editor on January 15, 2013

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As noted at The History of Parliament:

As announced at the recent BSECS conference in Oxford, the winner of the BSECS Digital Prize 2013 is The History of Parliament. In the words of the judges:

“The History of Parliament Online is an immensely valuable new resource for scholars of the long eighteenth century. It makes their comprehensive survey of British political history freely available, and presented in a form that is easily navigable and visually attractive.”

The site can be found via the BSECS Links page or directly here»

The prize is funded by Adam Matthew Digital, and GALE Cengage Learning. It is judged and awarded by BSECS. Nominations close on 13 December in any year.

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From The History of Parliament:

This site contains all of the biographical, constituency and introductory survey articles published in The History of Parliament series. Work is still underway on checking and cleaning the data that has been transferred into the website from a number of sources, and the current version of the site is still provisional. In order to find out more about the articles produced by the History, click on the links in the ‘Research’ section above. Additional material – explanatory articles, and images of Members, Parliaments and elections – have been produced specially for the website, and can be found through the ‘Explore’ and ‘Gallery’ sections above. For more information on the History, see the About us section, follow us on Facebook and Twitter or read the HistoryOfParliament, Director and VictorianCommons blogs.

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