Display | The Trappings of Trade at Osterley Park and House

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Opening at Osterley in July:

The Trappings of Trade: A Domestic Story of the East India Company
Osterley Park and House, Hounslow, London, 27 July — 3 November 2013

Curated with UCL’s East India Company at Home Project


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The display explores the story of the East India Company at Osterley. This country house, famous for its extraordinary Adam interiors, holds not only European antiques but is packed with treasures from the East.

Discover the luxuriant materials that transformed the English country houses of Britain during this time and the ships that travelled the perilous trade routes in the 18th century to bring them here. Make discoveries of your own in our activity room for families with a sea-faring theme. See local people and community groups as part of the oral history initiative, which draws connections between Osterley’s early history as an East India Company home and life in contemporary Hounslow.


New Book | Daniells’ India: Views from the Eighteenth Century

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From ACC Distribution:

Thomas and William Daniell, Daniells’ India: Views from the Eighteenth Century, introduction and foreword by B. N. Goswamy (New Delhi: Niyogi Books, 2013), 184 pages, ISBN: 978-9381523636, $200.

imageThomas Daniell was thirty-six years old when he and his nephew William, barely sixteen, sailed out from Gravesend in April 1785, headed for the East. They arrived in Calcutta via China the next year. The Daniells traveled across India, painting oriental scenery wherever they went. Their views were widely appreciated and are representative of that fascinating period. The Daniells returned to England in September 1794. This special book presents a selection of their work in India, bringing alive the scenery and architecture of that age.

Additional images are available here»

B. N. Goswamy, distinguished art historian and author of several books on Indian Art, is Professor Emeritus of Art History at the Punjab University, Chandigarh. His work covers a wide range and is regarded, especially in the area of Indian painting, as having influenced much thinking. The recipient of many honors, Professor Goswamy has taught as Visiting Professor at several universities across the world.

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