Call for Panel Proposals | 2016 Congress in the History of Art, Beijing

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on March 17, 2014

As posted at CAA News (14 March 2014), From the International Committee of the History of Art (Comité International de l’Histoire de l’Art, known as CIHA) and from the conveners of the Beijing Committee for the Congress: Professors LaoZhu, Fan Di’an, and Shao Dazhen.

Thirty-Fourth Congress in the History of Art
Beijing, September 2016

Session Proposals are due by 10 April 2014

The organizing committee for the thirty-fourth Congress in the History of Art, which will take place in Beijing, China, in September 2016, warmly invites expressions of interest from the international community of art historians. The concepts for the sessions are outlined below. We ask for expressions of interest from scholars who wish to develop these themes as session chairs.

Each session will have an international chair and a Chinese chair. A Chinese chair may be from Chinese mainland, Taiwan, or abroad. An early career researcher might serve as associate chair, if necessary. The two cochairs (and an early career researcher, if there is one) will act as a committee to define and refine the session’s concept for the preliminary congress in 2015, and to select presenters for the major congress in Beijing in 2016.

Applications for chairs may be made by academics or independent scholars. We want to remind applicants that no member of the CIHA board, and no one having been a chair in the Nuremberg Congress in 2012, can apply for serving as chair of a session at the Beijing Congress.

Applicants should:

1. Be thoroughly acquainted with the most recent developments in the field of art history relevant to the topic of their session
2. Be able to develop the chosen concept by organizing relevant symposia and workshops before 2016, to initiate dialogue and discussion, and to identify important issues for discussion at CIHA 2016 in Beijing
3. Be able to identify global experts in the appropriate fields and to collaborate with them
4. To be present at CIHA 2016 in Beijing

Applicants should send the following to the CIHA scientific secretary with copy to Chinese committee:
1. Number and title of the proposed session
2. 1–2 pages explaining the perspective they intend to give to the session and the main ideas they would like to be developed and discussed
3. A first draft of the call for papers to be developed with the Chinese chair if the session is selected
4. A short CV stressing the activities and publications related to the session

The deadline for applications is April 10, 2014. The list of the chairs will be established during the CIHA board meeting in Marseilles, France (June 25, 2014) and immediately announced on CIHA website and the Beijing Congress website.

Session Themes

The sessions as defined by the National Committee of the People’s Republic of China and the International Committee for the History of Art are as follows:

1. Words and Concepts【语词与概念】

2. The Rank of Art【标准与品评】

3. Imagination and Projection【想象与投射】

4. Appreciation and Utility【欣赏与实用】

5. Self-Awareness or Self-Affirmation【自觉与自律】

6. Politics of Identity: Tradition and Origin【传统与渊源】

7. Translation and Change【流传与嬗变】

8. Art and Taboo【禁忌与教化】

9. Autonomy and Elusion【独立与超脱】

10. Gendered Practices【性别与妇女】

11. Landscape and Spectacle【风景与奇观】

12. Garden and Courtyard【园林与庭院】

13. Transmission and Adoption【传播与接受】

14. Othering and Foreignness【他者与陌生】

15. Creative Misunderstanding【误解与曲用】

16. Commodity and Market【商品与市场】

17. Display and Observation【展示与观看】

18. Media and Visuality【媒体与视觉】

19. History of Beauty vs. History of Art【审美与艺术史】

20. Professional Education and Aesthetic Education【专业与美育】

21. Connecting Art Histories and World Art【多元与世界】

Full session theme descriptions are available at CAA News»

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