The Burlington Magazine, May 2015

Posted in books, catalogues, exhibitions, journal articles, reviews by Editor on May 26, 2015

The eighteenth century in The Burlington:

The Burlington Magazine 157 (April 2015)

201505-800-1A R T I C L E S

• Tessa Murdoch, “Power and Plate: Sir Robert Walpole’s Silver,” pp. 318–24.

• Julius Bryant, “Queen Caroline’s Richmond Lodge by William Kent: An Architectural Model Unlocked,” pp. 325–30.


• Duncan Robinson, Review of Mark Hallet, Reynolds: Portraiture in Action (The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, 2014), pp. 341–47. Available at The Burlington website for free.

• Stephen Lloyd, Review of Cory Korkow with Jon Seydl, British Portrait Miniatures: The Cleveland Museum of Art (D. Giles, Ltd., 2013), pp. 349–50.

• Richard Wolfe, Review of the exhibition Shifting Patterns: Pacific Barkcloth Clothing (British Museum, 2015), pp. 361–62.

• Jamie Mulherron, Review of two exhibitions: Charles de La Fosse: Le Triomphe de la Couleur (Versailles and Nantes, 2015) and Bon Boullogne (1649–1717): Un chef d’école au Grand Siècle (Dijon, 2014–15), pp. 365–67.


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