New Railings at Monticello

Posted in on site by Editor on May 9, 2017

As Gardiner Hallock explained last year on Monticello’s website, “Jefferson’s Terrace Railings to be Reconstructed” (3 March 2016),

The Chinese-inspired railings around Monticello’s terraces date to ca. 1940. After almost 80 years the elaborate wooden panels have weathered to the point where repairs are no longer feasible. While the existing railings will be missed, the project is an exciting opportunity to accurately reconstruct an important Jefferson-era feature. . .

Gil Schafer includes a photo (shown above from a screen shot) of the new railings via Instagram:

The new terrace railings at @tjmonticello, built to replicate Jefferson’s original design, in his original color, are finally complete. They replace the white Chippendale railings that had been there for decades, but actually not what Jefferson had designed and built there originally. As a board member who loved the old (but not authentic) design, it was a hard decision at first. But the truth of history must always prevail and I now love the Thomas Jefferson Foundation’s restoration of them. It allows the dependencies to visually separate from the house, which perhaps was Jefferson’s original idea in painting the railings green and making them distinct from those on the house itself.
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