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Donald L. Fennimore & Frank L. Hohmann with Onie Rollins, Stretch: America’s First Family of Clockmakers (Winterthur Museum, 2013), 376 pages, ISBN: 978-0912724706, $75.

16859This volume presents the definitive history of the UK-born Stretch family of clockmakers who emigrated to Philadelphia in 1703 and played an influential role in the city’s early clockmaking, civic, and Quaker communities. Initial essays discuss the family and the importance of their Quaker beliefs; time-telling and the clockmaking community in pre-1750 Philadelphia; innovative mechanical advances made by the Stretches; and their notable civic and cultural contributions to the city.

The catalog section of the book features 84 of the 133 Peter, Thomas, and William Stretch clocks discovered during the course of the project, illustrating and fully describing both the cases and the works. The majority of the clocks, passed down through the generations and still in private collections, are being published for the first time.


Foreword, Acknowledgments, Introduction
Chapter 1 – Time and Telling Time in Early Philadelphia
Chapter 2 – Peter Stretch and Family
Chapter 3 – Stretch Clocks and the Philadelphia Clockmaking Community before 1750
Catalogue: Peter Stretch Clocks, Nos. 1 – 62; Thomas Stretch Clocks, Nos. 63 – 78; William Stretch Clocks, Nos. 79 – 84
Appendix 1 – Peter Stretch Will and Inventory
Appendix 2 – Thomas Stretch Will and Inventory
Appendix 3 – Samuel Stretch Will and Inventory
Appendix 4 – Clock Owners in Philadelphia, 1684 – 1750
Appendix 5 – Stretch Signature Plates: A Comparison
Appendix 6 – Stretch Clocks: A Comparison
Appendix 7 – Identified Stretch Clocks
Appendix 8 – Genealogy
Endnotes, Bibliography, Index

Donald L. Fennimore, Curator Emeritus, served as metalwork specialist at Winterthur Museum, Delaware, for 34 years. The list of his numerous publications includes Metalwork in Early America (Winterthur, 1996); Iron at Winterthur (Winterthur, 2004); and Silversmiths to the Nation: Thomas Fletcher and Sidney Gardiner (ACC, 2007).

Frank L. Hohmann III, a retired Wall Street executive, is a collector of 18th-century furniture, with a concentration on brass dial clocks. He co-authored and published the volume Timeless: Masterpiece American Brass Dial Clocks (2009). He is a Trustee of Winterthur Museum, Delaware and a Liveryman in the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers.

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