The Met and Crystal Bridges to Share Portrait of Alexander Hamilton

Posted in museums by Editor on March 16, 2013

Press release (14 March 2013) from Crystal Bridges:

John Trumbull, Portrait of Alexander Hamilton, 1792. Oil on canvas, 86-1/4 x 57-1/2 in. (219.1 x 146.1 cm). Courtesy of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

John Trumbull, Portrait of Alexander Hamilton, 1792. Oil on canvas, 86 x 58 inches (219.1 x 146.1 cm)

An iconic full-length portrait by the celebrated Revolutionary-era painter John Trumbull of Alexander Hamilton, then Secretary of the Treasury under President George Washington, will join the permanent collections of both Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, thanks to a gift from the painting’s owner, the global wealth manager and investment bank Credit Suisse.

Each institution will own a half share of Portrait of Alexander Hamilton (1792), which is currently on view at Crystal Bridges and has been on loan from Credit Suisse and on view since the museum opened. The painting will travel to the Metropolitan Museum in summer 2013 and return to Crystal Bridges in 2014. In subsequent years, each museum plans to exhibit the painting for two-year periods, when it will be integrated into the galleries and, on occasion, included in special exhibitions at each museum.

“We are very grateful to Credit Suisse for the generous gift of this distinguished portrait of Alexander Hamilton, whose political and legal acumen put him at the center of the founding of the new American republic, and whose key contributions to business and banking in Federal-era New York City effectively established the financial marketplace in this country,” stated Thomas P. Campbell, Director and CEO of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. “As the greatest known portrait of Hamilton and one of the finest civic portraits from the Federal period, this painting is a splendid addition to our fine collection of portraits of American political leaders. We are pleased and honored to share this remarkable work with Crystal Bridges.” (more…)

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