Exhibition | Life at the Château de Prangins in the 18th Century

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From the museum’s website:

Noblesse Oblige! Life at a Château in the 18th Century
Swiss National Museum, Château de Prangins, beginning 23 March 2013

Château de Prangins

Château de Prangins, 2005
(Photo from Wikimedia Commons)

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Château de Prangins is bringing its past to life and showcasing its historical heritage. From 23 March 2013 the former reception rooms, comprising the salon, dining rooms and libraries, will be revealed in their original grandeur as the backdrop for the new permanent exhibition. Boiseries in their original colours, textiles with lustrous motifs and false-marble decorations create the perfect surroundings for 600 objects from the era.

noblesse_oblige_536Noblesse Oblige! Life at a Château in the 18th Century is devoted to the everyday life of a noble family in the Vaud region at the end of the 18th century and explores important issues of cultural history. The exhibition offers an insight into the life of a baron and the way in which he manages his estate, his duties and obligations, his family and social life. Each of the nine rooms is devoted to a specific topic that mirrors its original function: hospitality, wealth and lighting in the salon, servants in the butler’s pantry, and the taste for reading in the library.

Two audioguides – one for adults, the other for younger audiences – and specially produced films featuring the voices of the inhabitants allow visitors to immerse themselves in life at a château.

Project manager: Helen Bieri Thomson

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