New Book | Livio Pestilli’s ‘Paolo de Matteis’

Posted in books by Editor on July 7, 2013

From Ashgate:

Livio Pestilli, Paolo de Matteis: Neapolitan Painting and Cultural History in Baroque Europe (Aldershote: Asghate, 2013), 502 pages, ISBN: 978-1409446200, $125.

coverThis volume represents a long overdue reassessment of the Neapolitan painter Paolo de Matteis (1662-1728), an artist largely overlooked in English language scholarly publications, but one who merits our attention for the quality of his work and the originality of its iconography, as well as for his remarkable ability to respond creatively to his patrons’ aesthetic ideals and agendas.

Following a meticulous examination of the ways in which posterity’s impression of de Matteis has been conditioned by a biased biographical and literary tradition, Livio Pestilli devotes rich, detailed analyses to the artist’s most significant paintings and drawings. More than just a novel approach to de Matteis and the Neapolitan Baroque, however, the book makes a significant contribution to the study and understanding of early eighteenth-century European art and cultural
history in general, not only in Naples but in other major European centers,
including Paris, Vienna, Genoa, and Rome.

Livio Pestilli is Director and Professor of Art History at Trinity College–Rome Campus.



Part I
Framing the Artist: A fabricated life
Enter the critic

Part II Paintings
‘Napoli nobilissima’
Circa 1700
Naples again
A Herculean feat
The celebratory self
Supporting authorship
The skill of a ‘Valentuomo’
Portraying Carthusian values
Campanian connections
The remains of the day

Part III Drawings
‘And truly Paolo was a great draftsman…’

Epilogue; Appendices; Index.

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