Journal of Art Historiography, June 2017

Posted in journal articles, reviews by Editor on June 6, 2017

Selection of articles from the current issue of the Journal of Art Historiography most relevant to the eighteenth century:

Journal of Art Historiography 16 (June 2017)

The Limits of Connoisseurship: Guest Edited by Valérie Kobi

Valérie Kobi (Bielefeld University), “The Limits of Connoisseurship: Attribution Issues and Mistakes, An Introduction.”

David Pullins (The Frick Collection), “The Individual’s Triumph: The Eighteenth-Century Consolidation of Authorship and Art Historiography.”

Portuguese Art Historiography

Edward J. Sullivan (New York University), “Portuguese Art History: A View from North America.”

Foteini Vlachou (Instituto de História Contemporânea, Lisbon), “The Discourse on Utility: Art Theory in Eighteenth-Century Portugal.”


Ingrid R. Vermeulen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Review of Kristel Smentek, Mariette and the Science of the Connoisseur in Eighteenth-Century Europe (Ashgate, 2014).


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