New Book | Human Redemption: The Cycle in the Chiesa Nuova

Posted in books by Editor on August 12, 2018

Published by Gangemi, and available from ArtBooks.com:

Giulia Silvia Ghia, ed., La Salvazione Umana: Il ciclo della Chiesa Nuova in cerca di un mecenate / Human Redemption: The Cycle in the Chiesa Nuova in Search of a Patron (Rome: Gangemi Editore, 2018), 160 pages, ISBN: 9788849236194, $65. Italian and English text.

The majestic cycle of fifteen canvases completing the decoration of Santa Maria in Vallicella was unveiled just prior to the 1700 Jubilee. This church is now owned by the Fondo Edifici di Culto, which safeguards, conserves, and promotes more than 820 religious structures across Italy. Lining the path toward St Peter’s Basilica, its paintings continue to present the world with the precious message of Human Redemption. This book retraces the history, importance, and exceptional beauty of this largely unknown cycle. More importantly it brings attention to the need for its restoration that, now as 320 years ago, requires the support of one or more patrons, inspired by a passion for this story.


• The Cycle of Human Redemption: A Comprehensive Overview
• The Chiesa Nuova before the 1675 Jubilee
• The Decoration of the Chiesa Nuova during the Last Quarter of the Seventeenth Century
• A Study of the Use of Materials, Methods of Realization, and Requirements for the Restoration of the Cycle of Human Redemption


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